November 2019: What’s New on PRS

Update on Review Time for Records with Results

Quality control review of all records with results is now taking less than 30 days, regardless of whether the study appears to be an applicable clinical trial under 42 CFR Part 11 or an NIH-funded study. Previously, applicable clinical trials and NIH-funded studies were prioritized for review to ensure they were reviewed in fewer than 30 days.

Workaround for Users Experiencing Crashes in Google Chrome

Some users have recently reported crashes when using the PRS in the Google Chrome browser. Currently, this issue is not being reported in other browsers. The Google Chrome Help Center has more information on this issue: Aw, Snap! Crashes Following Chrome M78 Update

We have identified a workaround for PRS users who experience this issue when using Chrome:

  1. Choose “Settings” from the Chrome main menu (look for the 3 vertical dots on the upper right side of the browser)
  2. Expand the “Advanced” options
  3. Choose “System”
  4. Disable the “Use hardware acceleration when available” option
  5. Go to chrome://flags (enter into the address bar)
  6. Disable the “Smooth Scrolling” option
  7. Relaunch Chrome

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