June 2020: South Africa Regulatory Update

Introducing a New Online Platform for African Trials

The African Academy of Sciences (AAS) in June 2020, launched a first iteration of the Clinical Trials Community (CTC) online platform with features that will increase the visibility of African clinical trial sites and investigators with potential to participate in COVID-19 clinical trials. This platform will promote & enhance intra-Africa collaboration around clinical trials with hopes of reducing duplication of work across the region & accelerating the fight of combatting COVID-19.

The main goal of the CTC platform will be to:

  • Increase the visibility of African Clinical Trialists and Sites by indicating the geographical location and corresponding disease burden
  • Reduce unnecessary duplication of efforts by providing access to current site feasibility data
  • Improving predictability by providing access to regulatory and ethics requirements across countries and an online platform for sponsor engagement
  • Reducing bias in funding across¬†countries and ¬†disease areas by highlighting gaps and promoting synergy across strategic funders

Therefore, the CTC online platform seeks to strengthen all the aspects of clinical trials and translational sciences capacity in the continent.

The full CTC platform is due for launch in late 2020 and will cover all diseases of public health importance for the African continent.

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