December 2020: CTIS Update

The second issue of the Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS) Highlights is published on December 09, 2020.

This issue explains the CTIS benefits, CTIS features including user administrators and roles,  member states and sponsor interaction, CTIS training and audit.

Additionally, it also provides the future developments for CTIS as below:

Go-Live is planned for December 2021 and CTIS will be further
developed to include:

  • The safety reporting module which will be fully combined with
    the CTIS components and other safety reporting features will
    be improved;
  • The sponsor workspace with enhanced functionalities;
  • Enhanced functionalities available for oversight, cooperation,
    supervision and visibility within and among Member States;
  • Improved users’ navigation and experience.

After Go-Live more functionalities will be released such as:

  • The public register will be enhanced;
  • Reporting, cooperation, interoperability functionalities will be
  • User experience features will be further strengthened.

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