May 2021: European health groups demand action over 4,046 missing drug trial results

On May 06th, 2021, TranspariMed reported that according to the EU Trials Tracker, 4,046 out of 13,563 European drug trials (nearly 30%) are currently missing results, in clear violation of transparency rules that require results to be made public within a year of completing a trial. Over four thousand drug trials run in the European Union are currently in violation of European Union transparency rules, leaving large gaps in the evidence base that often make it impossible for doctors and health agencies to precisely determine how safe and effective medicines are, slowing down medical progress and putting patients at risk.

National regulators within each EU country are responsible for ensuring that pharma companies, universities and hospitals make the results of clinical trials public – but many regulators are not even contacting those that break the rules, let alone enforcing compliance.

Further details can be found here.

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