October 2021: Clinical Trial Transparency at European Universities – A TranspariMED Report

The article, Most major European research institutions now uploading missing clinical trial results, was published on TranspariMed on October 06, 2021.

This article provides insights on a new report, ‘Clinical trial transparency at European universities’ by Cochrane Austria, Health Action International, and TranspariMED. It provides in detail the clinical trial results reported and missing, the number of results submitted, and the percentage of due results reported by different European institutions.

It was found that out of 26 institutions, 21 are now working on uploading the missing results. Overall, 28% of due trial results have by now been reported.

It has also mentioned the European countries that are still lagging and have made no progress in terms of submission of results. It proffers that only five institutions located in Italy and the Netherlands are not making any progress yet. The names of these institutes are presented in the article.

There are efforts underway to improve trial reporting at the European level, however, decisions on when and how to fine institutions that continue to break the law will be taken at the national level at the end of January 2022.

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