November 2021: Make it Public Annual Report

As part of the delivery of the Make it Public strategy, the HRA has committed to producing an annual report to monitor how researchers are meeting their transparency requirements and what more the organization can to do ensure this is always the case. The first Make it Public annual report has been published for the same on 03 November 2021. The report summarises the transparency parameters in terms of registration of clinical trials, results reporting, informing participants, and sharing data and tissue.

HRA UK has partnered with ISRCTN registry to automatically register all UK clinical trials once they have received a favorable ethics opinion. It is stipulated to go live in 2022. Results reporting has been standardised by providing a  standard set of information to be reported when the research has been completed, including a confirmation that the results have been published. HRA and Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency are developing a process to share the summary of results collected in the final reports and they plan to track records to follow up with studies that have not yet submitted their end of study information. To keep participants informed, development is ongoing for a new guidance on how to inform participants about study findings and have necessitated Plain Language Summary (PLS) of the study findings to be submitted as part of the final report which is then published on their website. For their fourth pillar of transparency of sharing study data and tissue, platforms such as Wellcome Open Research is in place to allow organisation’s grant holders to rapidly publish all outputs from their research.

For the next phase in development of the transparency strategy a new transparency roadmap will be developed for researchers to see at a glance where they need to take action. The map would trace the study journey from the design and planning stage to completion of research.