December 2021: Netherlands Update

Dutch Institutions Finally Make Progress on Clinical Trial Reporting

As per the news article posted on TranspariMED on 14-Dec-2021, over 700 clinical trials run by the ten largest Dutch institutions are still missing results, but major institutions are now working to fix the problem, new data suggest.

Full results are publicly available on the European trial registry for only 52 clinical trials run by the Dutch cohort, less than 7% of all due trials. This is still far below the European average reporting rate of 28% for major non-commercial trial sponsors.

The country’s largest sponsor, Radboudumc, has the strongest transparency record with 21 reported trial results, while estimated 102 Radboudumc trials are still missing results or are not marked as completed and 124 trials are not yet due to report results.

On the positive side, nearly all major Dutch institutions have uploaded additional results over the course of 2021. Between February and November 2021, Radboudumc uploaded 10 due trial results as part of an ongoing systematic effort to clear its backlog of unreported trials. Erasmus University uploaded 6 additional due results. Only HOVON Foundation has made no visible progress.

Netherlands may finally be starting to catch up with the rest of Europe in terms of clinical trial transparency.

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