December 2021: UK Update

Changes to the Rules on Deferring Research Registration and Publication

On 24 December 2021, UK HRA published a new maximum timeline for deferrals. Deferrals have a validity of 12 months and applicants request their extension for deferral every 12 months. Under the new policy, this will be a maximum of 30 months after the study ends. When the deferral ends the research sponsors are required to add full information onto the registry, along with the summary of results which will then be published on the HRA website. Trials not deferred are registered on the ISRCTN registry automatically.

For clinical trials where deferral is approved, researchers are yet required to upload reduced information in an approved registry. For deferrals approved after 31 January 2022, the minimum information expected to be published on a registry is available here-Research registration and research project identifiers – Health Research Authority (