February 2022: CTIS Newsflash

European Medicines Agency published the second Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS) newsflash on February 11, 2022:

This newsletter reports the key metrics for the period January 31, 2022, to February 09, 2022, including the total number of logins to CTIS, number of draft applications in CTIS, and number of submitted applications in CTIS. The spotlight of this newsletter updates about the first multinational clinical trial being submitted on CTIS which is also the first trial transitioned from the regime of the Clinical Trials Directive to the Clinical Trials Regulation via submission to CTIS.

It informs about the first bitesize talks that will be held on February 24, 2022. The first talk will cover the user access and role management functionality in CTIS and will be live broadcasted from the EMA event page. No registration is required for the bitesize talks.

If the users encounter any issues it recommends to first consult the CTIS training and support materials. The users can also raise a ticket via the EMA Service Desk if the issue is not resolved.