April 2022: Combined Review – New Video Explains IRAS User Roles and Recent Changes

On 06 April 2022, HRA UK posted on its website, a short, animated video to explain how the different roles work in IRAS for combined review and the permissions each has in the system.

The clip focuses on collaborators, covering recent changes to IRAS for combined review of a CTIMP or combined CTIMP and device project.

  1. Changes are applicable only to the new part of IRAS, for applications submitted through combined review.
  2. Every project in the new part of IRAS must have a Chief Investigator (CI) and a Project Deputy.
  3. Now, all collaborators can have edit access in the system. Moreover, collaborators can now book the Research Ethics Committee (REC), respond to requests for further information (RFIs), create amendments or reports and provide end of trial notification.
  4. If the project is not yet authorised, all collaborators will have been upgraded to unlimited edit access. If the project has been authorised, all collaborators will be removed automatically by the system when this change is made. The Project Deputy or CI will need to re-add the collaborators.
  5. Changes made by people with edit access will be stored once saved.
  6. The person that sends the project to the Sponsor will receive the tasks in the system to book the REC, and then to respond to any RFIs, if needed.
  7. The email correspondence about the project is only sent to the contact listed in question C1.

To view the full video, click here.