April 2022: Progress on Trial Reporting in Europe But Some Players Still Lag Behind – A TranspariMED Article

An article “Strong progress on trial reporting in Europe – but some players still lag behind” has been published on April 26, 2022, on TranspariMED.

It informs that as per the data generated by the University of Oxford’s EU Trials Tracker in April 2022, there is strong progress of over 81% in due clinical trial results posted on the European trial registry. However, 19% of due clinical trials are still missing results.

It mentions that large pharmaceutical companies and leading academic institutions are doing extremely well in reporting the results of the due clinical trials. However, some institutes in Italy have failed to make even a single clinical trial public, and the Italian medicines agency (AIFA) has done nothing so far to address this issue. It also mentions that there are countries like the Netherlands that are making slow progress by making only a few due clinical trial results public.

It informs that the number of clinical trial data due and submitted for pharmaceutical companies, medical universities, and hospitals can be found on the EU Trials Tracker.