May 2022: What’s New on PRS Beta Test System

The below update was posted on the What’s New section of PRS Beta test system, which will be available on PRS Beta by late May, 2022:

The following updates, improvements, and bug fixes were made in the different section of the PRS Beta test system

Record List Page
    • The release version number was added to the top of the page.
    • A loading indicator was added to track the progress of a loading page.
    • A pop-up window was added to the Contact button to provide other options for finding answers to questions and getting help with using PRS Beta.
Record List – Columns and Filters
    • The filter display was adjusted so that when you filter one column, all the filter options for the remaining columns can also be seen.
    • The ability to select multiple filter options for one column was added.
    • A column was added that shows which documents, if any, have been added to a study record.
    • An alert was added that displays when the system can’t process a search request.
    • An About menu was added that includes links to the About PRS Beta page and the release notes.
Record List Page
    • The welcome banner on PRS Beta was replaced with a pop-up banner that you can click on to close.
    • A redesigned product icon was added.
    • The labels in the page header were updated to make it easier to know which view is currently displayed (e.g., default view, saved view).
Record List – Columns and Filters
    • The filtering for columns with names was updated to make searching easier
      • Pick lists were replaced with search fields.
      • A scrollable list of possible search results was added below search windows.
      • An autocomplete feature was added that narrows the list of search options as you type.
Help Content
    • Tooltips were added for each column heading in the Customize Columns menu to explain the information found there.
    • The About PRS Beta page was updated to include descriptions of the features currently available in PRS Beta.
Style and Visual Changes

Various changes were made to improve the way the site looks. These include:

    • Saved Views menu — Changes to the pop-up window that appears when you select “Save Current View As…”
    • Record List page — Adjusted the view for different screen sizes
    • Record List column headings and filters — Added boldface to column headings and changed the font colors of filters to aid navigation and improve readability
    • Record List columns — Added highlighting to columns when sorting is applied
    • Various buttons — Adjusted the spacing
Bug Fixes
    • Column headings were fixed so that the text wraps when a column is narrowed.
Coming Soon
    • Two new views: Planning View and Public Site View

A notification about the PRS Beta test update was also published on the PRS test system.