September 2022: Reactivation of CTIS Portal and Updates

As communicated by CT.Communication (a part of European Medicines Agency) below are the updates on the reactivation of the CTIS public portal:

  • The CTIS public portal search function has now been reactivated, allowing users to search and access published clinical trials data.
  • As a temporary measure, the clinical trials with any type of deferrals with a decision issued after mid-August and new clinical trial applications will not be published on the CTIS public portal for now. These clinical trials will be published on the CTIS portal once the full functionality of the deferral mechanism is restored and this date will be communicated in due course.
  • Additional information was provided on the issue of “premature publication of information related to a limited set of clinical trials on the public portal” for which investigation and resolution were ongoing which resulted in the unavailability of the CTIS search function on the public portal.