December 2022: What’s New on PRS Beta Test System

The below update was posted on the Release notes section of PRS Beta test system on December 15, 2022:

Users can now view and edit the Study Status module, the IPD Sharing Statement module, and the Conditions module. These modules have new or updated onscreen guidance, slide-out drawers that provide additional help, and content relevant to the selected Study Type. Validation errors will also appear on the top of each module. This release also includes various bug fixes.

The key features include:

  • Addition of an onscreen introductory guidance in the IPD sharing statement section to encourage the inclusion of complete information.
  • Conditions and Keywords can now be added using a single text box. Each entered term will be displayed individually and can be viewed and removed easily

Moreover, in the future,  the text field will be responsive to the MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) thesaurus. It will search for terms found in MeSH and present matches to select from. In addition, the field will separate conditions found in MeSH from conditions that are not.