December 2022: What’s New on

On December 19, 2022, the below update was posted on, What’s New section: Beta Website:

Prerecorded demonstration videos presenting features of PRS Beta and Beta and highlighting changes from the classic sites are now available.

New search features, Improvements and bug fixes are added to make the Beta website more user-friendly.

The key features include:

    • Streamlined Homepage to enhance search experience
    • Provision to ‘Add All Filters’ or ‘Reset to Default’ can be accessed by the  Advanced filter dropdown
    • The record history tab has been included in the study records to view a study record’s history of changes. The elements in the study record versions that have changes are highlighted.
    • The dates have been reformatted  from month, day, year (Month DD, YYYY) to year, month, day (YYYY-MM-DD) format.

Moreover, the draft version of the new application programming interface (API) to support the beta website will be coming soon.

Detailed information on the updates can be found at Release Notes | Beta