January 2023: CTIS Newsflash

On January 27, 2023, the European Medicines Agency released the most recent CTIS Newsflash via CTIS.communications.

The CTIS release that went live on January 26, 2023 implemented all the functional improvements mentioned in our previous post (January 2023: CTIS Newsflash).

Also, the latest CTIS Newsflash provides the steps to raise a ticket with the User Support Service if the query is not addressed in the Support page.

Step 1 – Select the most appropriate option:

  • Request a service
  • Report an issue
  • Ask a question

Step 2 – Provide the specific title highlighting any deadlines in the field for summary.

Step 3 – A detailed description must specify the sponsor user (e.g., pharmaceutical industry, CRO, academia) or Member State user (NCA, ethics committee, etc.), their role, trial number/RFI number, location (country), username, and description of steps taken.

Step 4 – Users can upload any relevant screenshots as attachments.