March 2023: Japan registry update

On March 02, 2023, the Japan Registry of Clinical Trials (jRCT) published a notice regarding the updated schedule for data migration. The registered data from two registries – the Japan Medical Association Clinical Trial Registry System (JMACCT-CTR) and the Japan Pharmaceutical Information Center Clinical Trial Information (JapicCTI) – will be migrated to the Clinical Research Submission and Disclosure System of jRCT.

  • The data migration will follow the schedule below:

– jRCT suspension period: March 02 to March 06, 2023

– JMACCT-CTR and JapicCTI data will be updated and viewable on jRCT after migration: March 06, 2023

  • The direct link URLs for JMACCT-CTR and JapicCTI will become invalid, and it is suggested to change them to the URLs for jRCT after migration.
  • The detailed transition rules will be posted on the jRCT page after the transition.
  • In terms of user ID, if the same email address is used in multiple databases, the order of priority will be jRCT > JMACCT-CTR > JapicCTI. After migration, lower priority IDs cannot be used.
  • JMACCT-CTR or JapicCTI login IDs can be used to log in to the jRCT registry, but a new password needs to be issued the first time. Detailed steps are outlined in the accompanying document.

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