May 2018: Australia New Zealand Regulatory Update

New import function for records

  • Currently, all trials registered on with a recruitment site in Australia and/or New Zealand are automatically imported and displayed on the ANZCTR website. From 20th May, registrants will be able to add additional ANZCTR specific information and local contact details to these records if they wish, without the need to apply for an ANZCTR registration number (ACTRN) as well.
  • Data imported from record will not be editable. The additional ANZCTR information that can be provided includes: Accrual to date, Australian recruitment details (hospitals, postcodes), funding source, primary and secondary sponsor, other collaborators, ethics approval committees and dates, Principal Investigator details, public and scientific contact details, and brief summary (if no data provided on record). All these additional details are displayed in a separate marked section at the bottom of the trial record.

Original article is available here.