Clinical Research Site – MyTrial

Verified on March 9, 2023

Israel has its own clinical trials registry, Clinical Research Site – MyTrial. It is not a World Health Organization (WHO) recognized primary registry. It has a provision for posting the protocol registrations for studies conducted in Israel. The information to be posted to the registry should be in Hebrew. Posting protocol registration on MyTrial is a mandatory requirement, but there is no functionality for posting the results of the trials.

Registries at a Glance
Registry PHUSE Categorization Information to be Entered By Route of Data in Registry Study Type Language
Clinical Research Site – MyTrial Mandatory National Database (includes Ethics Requirement) Sponsor Through a dedicated registration platform (process independent from clinical trial application)


Phase 1-4; (except healthy volunteers)
Hebrew Country requiring/recommending use Sponsor Through a dedicated registration platform (process independent from clinical trial application)


Phase 2-4
Registration and Results Requirements
Registry Activity Legal Requirement Timing
Clinical Research Site – MyTrial Registration


Only after approval by the Ethics Committee; Before the start of the study


Not Applicable (NA) Registration


Within 21 days of first patient enrollment


Within one year of primary completion date (PCD); Within one year of the last subject last visit for each secondary outcome measure (SOM); Within one year of the study completion date

Registry Updates

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