Philippine Health Research Registry (PHRR)

Verified on September 9, 2021

Philippines has a clinical trial registry, Philippine Health Research Registry (PHRR) which has a provision to register a clinical trial. A result section has been incorporated in the required fields, recently. However, results for any trials are not available yet. PHRR is not a World Health Organization (WHO) recognized primary registry. It was developed in 2012 as an official platform for registration of clinical trials approved for conduct in Philipines by their Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is managed by the Department of Science and Technology in partnership with the Department of Health.

Registries at a Glance
Registry PHUSE Categorization Information to be Entered By Route of Data in Registry Study Type Language
PHRR Mandatory National Database (includes Ethics Requirement) Sponsor Through a dedicated registration platform (process independent from clinical trial application)


(Phase 1-4);


Registration and Results Requirements
Registry Activity Legal Requirement Timing
PHRR Registration


Within 30 days after approval


Not yet specified

Registry Updates

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