No Country Specific Registry

Verified on September 9, 2021

Sweden does not have a clinical trials registry of its own. It is an EU/EEA country, it follows EU Directive 2001/20/EC for protocol registration and results posting on EudraCT. EudraCT is a World Health Organization (WHO) recognized primary registry. The clinical trial information posted on EudraCT is available for public view on European Union Clinical Trials Register (EU CTR).

Registries at a Glance
Registry PHUSE Categorization Information to be Entered By Route of Data in Registry Study Type Language
EU CTR EU CTR via Clinical Trial Applications Competent authority Clinical Trial Application


(Phase 1-4)
EU PAS EU PAS - ENCePP (European Network of Centres for Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance [PASS & PAES requirements]) Sponsor Through a dedicated registration platform (process independent from clinical trial application) Post-authorization Safety Efficacy Studies English
Registration and Results Requirements
Registry Activity Legal Requirement Timing
EU CTR Registration


Prior to enrollment


Within 12 months of Study Completion (Non-paediatric Studies); Within 6 months of Study Completion (Paediatric Studies)
EU PAS Registration


Before the start of data collection


Within 12 months of the end of data collection

Registry Updates

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